Hi, my name is Jay Byrum. Welcome to Custom Painted Gun Stocks!


About Custom Painted Gun Stocks

Jay Byrum and his team of graphic art designers and airbrush artist have 28 plus years of experience in custom paint work. Byrum started his career early after developing a passion for custom painting motorcycles, hotrods, classic cars and more.

Jay’s lifelong work in Auto Body Collision and attention to detail earned his customers awards in car shows and some of his work has been in reputable magazines such as Mopar Muscle, Car Craft, and more.

Jay ultimately ventured into his own business in 2007 before a dear friend from a local long distance competition bench rest shooters organization proposed custom painting gun stocks. With his love for firearms and desire to do something different in his career path the door opened and a year later Custom Painted Gunstocks was established.

Jay and his team have become world renowned by crafting and executing custom painted designs for high profile figures. Notable clients include: NFL players, and some of the best competition shooters nationwide including any thing from Benchrest to Clay&Trap shooters that compete in 3 gun competitions.

Jay and his team’s work even caught the attention of the President of Beretta Cav “Ugo Gassalli Beretta” that had seen a Beretta 391 custom painted for competition shooter John Caffey featured in Clay Shooting USA magazine. Mr Beretta brought a copy of the article from Italy to the headquarters of Beretta USA in Accokeek Maryland and shared the article with product marketing team managers that eventually contacted Jay to have a Beretta A400 sporting clays shotgun done for them. The work now resides on the wall in the Beretta USA business conference room.

Byrum and his team have also done very commemorative paint themes in remembrance and honor of the 11 men that perished at sea off the coast of Houston in the Gulf of Mexico from the tragedy at Deep Water Horizon. The Prescott Fire tragedy of the Granite Mountain fire in Arizona was also completed to honor the 19 men Hot Shots of 2013 of one of the largest wild forest fires in US history.

Byrum and his team have also done a number of retirement guns for Military, Firefighter, Police, Companies, Organizations and more. 8 years later Byrum and his team have grown into adding more services to better serve shooters of all kinds from Hunters to competition and as well specializing a firearm to that special particular one.


In addition to custom painted gunstocks and large wholesale distribution of painted gunstocks, Jay now does personal one on one classes for teaching Hydrographics. Hope that you enjoy browsing over Jay and his team’s website and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon!