Cerakote Coatings

We have been custom painting competition firearms for a long time. Our artistic production started primarily on stocks, however following increasing requests from loyal customers we decided to start coating metal including actions, barrels, frames, and more.

We had good success and nice turn out but with technology and product development we are alway’s geared up to move forward with new ideas. We started getting a lot of requests for Cerakote and the products are beautiful. After only a couple of hours of oven cure, the product is fully cured and ready for reassemble.

In one instance, I was coating a 1911 frame in Cerakote and just after it had cooled off, I removed it from the oven with a super nice looking finish. Our gunsmith went on to reassemble the gun. Things got tense when our gunsmith standing at 6 foot 4 dropped it on the concrete floor! Doesn’t often happen but accidents do happen from time to time. As he was bending down to pick it up i was putting my apron back on and was prepared to take it back to the bead blasting cabinet and redo the job. To our pleasant surprise there was not the first mark on it, nor scratch, chip or anything. Now if you have a Cerakoted gun I do not recommend throwing it across a concrete floor, but in this case the motto “Cerakote has the worlds strongest firearm finish,” was hard to argue against!

Here at Custom Painted Gun Stocks we would never use or endorse any product that we have not tortured, tested, or truly believe in. What a great way to protect your firearm and with all the colors to choose from you can really dress up your firearm for any kind of taste.

Hydrographics can also be applied over Cerakote including a strong clear coat from flat satin to high gloss to protect your hydrographic.

Cerakote has a ‘direct to metal’ ceramic clear coat and is great for high polished metals that will withstand high heat and a quality strong finish.

We will be using this product for a long time to come and will be glad to use it on your firearms. Contact us today for a quote to apply this amazing product on your firearm.