Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great gift for family or friends for holidays, birthdays and much more.

Do you know someone that would love to have their AR-15, shotgun, rifle, or pistol Hydro-dipped or Cerakoted, but don’t have any idea what color or Hydrographic pattern they would like? Consider the opportunity to purchase a gift certificate and let them decide what they would like.

Gift certificates will be good up to one year after purchase and are not refundable or can NOT be redeemed for cash. Look over the samples of what a purchase of a gift certificate would cover.

    • A purchase of a $100.00 dollar gift certificate will help cover a lot of the cost of having a gun hydro-dipped or Cerakoted.
    • A purchase of a $150.00 dollar gift certificate will cover a basic hydro-dip of AR-15 furniture, shotgun two peice stock set, rifle stock, or Cerakote on a semi auto pistol frame or slide.
    • A purchase of a $200.00 dollar gift certificate would cover a full hydro-dip on a pistol or a rifle stock including the barrel and action.
  • A purchase of a $250.00 dollar gift certificate would cover a complete coverage hydro-dip of an AR-15, Rifle stock barrel action to include one of the following: Scope mounts and rings and scope, complete coverage on a shotgun including the receiver and barrel, or a complete coverage on a revolver hand gun.

For those that receive a gift certificate you will need to contact us and when dropping off or shipping the firearm, please send the PRINTED OUT GIFT CERTIFICATE with the firearm. Be sure to include the pattern or color that you have picked out. If you need help with that contact us today.

Note: Gift certificates are good for up to one year following purchase and are non-refundable once purchased. Gift certificates are NOT redeemable for cash.