Hydrographics Onsite Training

Hydrographics Onsite Training

Advanced Water Transfer Printing (Hydro Dipping) Training

Interested in learning how to do Hydrographics?  We will offer a 3 Day Course at Custom Painted Gunstocks.  Bring your own project to dip.

The best benefit of getting trained by Custom Painted Gun Stocks is that you get to bring your own stuff to dip!  If its motorcycle parts, guns, automotive interior parts, automobile rims, home décor, automotive engine parts, phone or computer cases are just a few that can be dipped.  For those interested in starting your own business or expanding your current business to offer Hydrographics and want to learn more about the process this is the training you will need.  The hands on  training is advanced one on one training with no hassles or commitments of buying expensive equipment that vendors sale.  The best thing is that we do not sale equipment, refer or upscale for any company.  We teach and show you how to do it.

Training at our facility offers not only detailed one on one training in addition we have a friendly atmosphere and want to show the right way to dip.  Several Hydrographic companies that offer this service and have videos are only going to show you the initial process to limit competition.  So if you are a do-it-yourself type of person and serious about starting or expanding your business and don’t want to invest a fortune, this is the training for you.  After the training you will feel confident with our technique and eager to get started.  With Hydrographics you do not need to be a professional airbrush artist.  With our training you will learn the proper process from prep, primer, dipping, and topcoats to the final finish.

Advantages of Coming to You for Training.

  1. To save you from having to take time off to come to us. If you have a everyday busy life yes your time will be training 8 hours a day but this will save you from having to travel.
  2. If you do not already have a tank that’s no problem. We will ship one of our DIY kit tanks to your location with all the materials needed for the training included.
  3. Getting to evaluate your shop location and advise on the best way to set you up to do this service. The nice thing is that you will have the option to purchase our DIY tank for a starter so you will be able to operate and taking in jobs right away after training is completed.
  4. However training is not very cheap as it was not for me either though the best benefit is that we will be dipping your own items and not just samples. So that for sure your getting your money’s worth so put the word out and I’m sure that your friends and family and already customers wouldn’t mind paying to have some of there projects Hydo Dipped.
  5. Again travel can be expensive and if we come to you yes you will have to pay for my travel expenses and hotel stay. Though if you have friends and or partners that are also as well wanting to participate in the training class this will save you and your friends a lot on having to travel to us.

What You Will Need At Your Shop For Training:

  1. A shop or garage either one as that i know some can operate from there home garage/shop is no problem,so yes we will still come to you if you operate out of your residence.However you do need to be set up to spray materials in. An air compressor is a must have to do this process and big enough to be able to keep up with demand. Your air compressor should have a filtered water separator for that clean air is a must and very important.
  2. A spraying area for the materials. Some of you maybe already set up for this with a paint booth or designated area to spray as these materials used do have over spray and those of you that don’t will need to get creative and will give you some pointers and ideas before training if needed. Filters and ventilation is important although there will be a waiver that you will sign before training so that the wife or neighbor doesn’t come after me for over spray on there cars or paint spills on the garage floor.
  3. Some or most of you may not have other things needed at your location to do this service as far as sanders,paint guns and ect but still want us to come to you.We will have a detail of packages to choose from that we will recommend. Starting a new service is never really cheap and you can spend anywhere from $150.00 bucks to $800.00 bucks on a paint gun depending on what brand your looking for. If you are already using paint&body type of tools you will be ready to go without having to make that investment. We have some really nice package deals to offer though that will work very well for those that are just getting started.
  4. Items to dip? Some may or may not have a tank. Those of you that do just about anything that will fit. Those of don’t we will bring or ship one of our DIY tanks although it’s a 55 gallon in size items will be limited in size and no we will not use the wife’s bathtub in the house. If dipping guns and parts our DIY kit tank will be plenty enough size for your projects. Other things like racing,baseball,softball helmets,Yeti Tumblers,automotive valve covers,auto dash trim,Bow’s,Video Game controllers,ect along the same size as those will work fine in our DIY kit tank. Contact and let us know what items you have and we will let you know if they will fit in our DIY tank.
  5. This is what you will need that is not included in the training cost. Choosing patterns for your class will be your decision on what you would like. We will give you a list of suppliers to choose from that we get everything we need from. A gallon of activator will be needed and you can order as many prints that you like with the base coat undercoat needed for each of them. If your doing a one day class a couple of rolls would be all you would need. On a 2 day class or 3 day we recommend to get a variety and all the materials used in the class will be yours to keep so that you can keep on dipping after the class is completed. I’m not going to limit how many items you dip on the extended 2 day or 3 day classes as the more you get to do the better you will get.

Below are a few items that you can bring to dip.  Pricing for training depends on what you bring to the class to dip.

  • Gunstocks (for entire gun contact us prior to class)
  • Motorcycle parts
  • Automotive engine parts (example: valve covers)
  • Automotive rims
  • Automotive interior parts
  • Boat and Marine
  • Phone cover cases
  • Computer cover cases
  • European deer skull mounts
  • Home décor

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