Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Simply break your gun down and send us your wooden or synthetic stocks, we’ll do the rest. We will handle your stocks with kid gloves and will send regular email updates (including photos) of your gun stock as it goes through the customization process. We will turn your gun stock customization around in a fast and efficient manner, without compromising quality. All return shipments are insured and packed to ensure the safest possible delivery.

Please disassemble your gun and ship the STOCKS ONLY to the address on our contact page:

To ship gun stocks, we highly recommend using:
USPS Priority Mail, Flat Rate Shipping.

Benchrest Shooters:

If you have glued-in actions, please contact us by phone or email for special shipping information.


  • A rifle stock would have a trigger and a couple of screws to back out. Then the action would lift right out – very simple.
  • A shotgun buttstock would have the recoil shoulder pad removed then an apparant acsess hole will appear. Usually either a regular srew driver or socket will fit the type of screw or bolt will back out that will remove the buttstock.
  • To remove the forearm you have to remove the barrel then unscrew the tho o ring the forearm should slide off.
  • Some guns can be tricky on disassemble & reassemble that may require a tool that the gun manufacture provides. In that case, a local gun dealer / gunsmith can help you.

Just look them up for your location. Most of these guys can take them apart and put them back together in their sleep and should do it at minimal cost.