Something Special "Grandpa's Gun"

Something Special "Grandpa's Gun"

I had been customizing guns for a long time now and painted a lot of paint themes that represent something special. I had painted a bench rest McMillan stock for an engineer in Houston Texas that had tragically lost co workers of the 11 men that perished at sea from the oil rig explosion “Deep Water Horizon ” and in their honor and memory he had us paint the gun as with the oil rig out at sea on one side. On the other side the cross that replaces the oil rig with the bright sun in the background.  Along the fore end was the men’s names and a little about them in the sky blue with white puffy clouds.

Since that one we have done sone for retired Military, Firefighter, Police and companies that just want to do something special for their long time employee.

What a great gift and a way to honor someone special. I had thought when doing these jobs i really enjoyed it just because of it being something special and i even feel honored to perform what i do to make it happen.

So I thought to myself one day you know I would love and feel honored to do this with someone that i know and close to. Well Christmas was approaching and grandparents are always hard to buy for when it comes to gifts since most of them already have everything that they need and usually tell you just don’t get them anything this year but we always do anyway.

Well my Grandpa had served duty in the Navy and was actually in World War 11 both of my Grandpa’s did my other served in the Marines in pearl harbor during WW11. My Grandpa was out at sea aboard the USS Houston that was actually hit twice by Japanese Submarine torpedos. My Grandpa still to this day tells the story so well of having to abandoned ship and then ordered to aboard back on because the ship didn’t sink and now is out of commission but is on display in Houston Texas.

I’ve heard his story quite a few times and even at 90 years of age he still remembers that night like yesterday and survived it because if he didn’t nobody would be reading this article right now.

So I had this old 22 Marlin rifle nice shooting plinker that my dad had gave me to custom paint the stock on when I first gotten into painting guns so i could put on display at my shop and take to gun shows and I had lost my dad in 2009 and miss him everyday and know he would have wanted this as well so with the idea in mind i contacted my family and ran the idea over to all of them. Since it was going to take some funds to do this and if we all go on together that should fund the whole project. All of the family agreed and that can be grandpa’s Christmas.

I know that an old 22 marlin is not a high dollar rifle but a good one. I painted it with a dark navy blue and my uncle had picked out a Navy logo and we painted the logo in detail on the butt end of the stock. Then we put a high polish on the sides of the receiver and dipped the top part of the receiver in a silver carbon fiber weave with Kolbalt blue candy to go with the dark navy blue. On the barrel we did a high polish and on the end of it we laser engraved USS Houston and to protect it we coated it with a Cerakote ceramic high gloss clear coat. Along the forend of the stock we had his full name and years served in the Navy with the other side of his and my grandma’s kids names including my late dad’s with there Bible versus of choice all color filled with gold that looks really nice with that dark navy blue. So the gun needed a nice case to put it in so got with all the grandkids and pulled our funds together so that he could put it on display wherever he likes with led lights in it. That was probably bar none one of my favorite projects that i ever done and was truly something special.

On Christmas I finally got to see the reaction that those get receiving that custom firearm to honor them and in this case was the reason all of us in that family room filled with mom’s uncle’s aunt’s  grandkids & great grandkids were there to witness and enjoy that God was with him that night on the USS Houston you yourself wouldn’t be reading this article right now. That old Marlin went from being at the most a $200.00 dollar gun to priceless that a million wouldn’t buy it today and will always be in our family now as a family heirloom.  Feel free to like and share this story.